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Maharishi Vedic Science, the Science and Technology of Consciousness, offers Vedic programs for health, education, architecture, agriculture, prediction and world peace.

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Maharishi first introduced the Transcendental Meditation technique to the world 50 years ago. Since that time, he has revived many other practical programs based on the knowledge of the ancient Vedic tradition of India. You can take advantage of these programs now, even before you learn the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Maharishi Vedic Science

All Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM programs have their source in the Vedic tradition of India. The term “Vedic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Veda,” which means the complete and timeless knowledge of Natural Law.

Since Maharishi Vedic Science is the science and technology of consciousness, all of its programs are “consciousness-based.” They’re designed to promote the full development of consciousness—enlightenment.

The goal of Maharishi Vedic Science is to allow everyone on earth to live their birthright—life in accord with Natural Law—and thereby avoid the mistakes that bring suffering to individuals and to the world as a whole.

From the founder

Vedic Science—The Science of Totality

The logic is very simple. Everyone who can think can certainly have the ability to be quiet. MORE

Practical Vedic Technologies

Maharishi Vedic Science includes a wide range of Vedic technologies that help us make full use of our mind, body and consciousness—so that we can live a problem-free life in enlightenment.

Vedic Health—Take a prevention-oriented approach to maintaining your health and enliven the inner intelligence of your body through Maharishi Consciousness-BasedSM health care.

Vedic Education—Awaken the total creative potential of your brain through Consciousness-Based education.

Vedic Architecture—Live in buildings and communities designed in harmony with the Laws of Nature through Maharishi Vedic Architecture.

Vedic Agriculture—Nourish your mind and body with food that is even more vital than organically grown food through Maharishi Vedic Organic AgricultureSM.

Vedic Astrology—Gain valuable insights into future trends in your life through the Maharishi Jyotish® program, and take steps to enhance the positive influences and neutralize negative effects through the Maharishi YagyaSM program.

Vedic Music—Create a peaceful influence in your home and surroundings with the harmonious frequencies of Maharishi Gandharva VedaSM music.

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